Playlist : le selector hollandais Caim lâche 30 bangers entre minimal, acid, trance et breaks


Le selector hollandais Caim nous dévoile 30 bangers de sa playlist récente. Mis au défi de faire une playlist Spotify car habitué des sets full vinyl, le contrat est rempli. À retrouver le weekend du 17 au 20 mai à l'Olympiad Festival.

How did you make your selection of tracks for the playlist?

The selection is built on different tempos and music genres. Basically, in four different parts. Downtempo, Proggie House, Acid, and Trance. I have tried to make the different tracks flow subtly together.

Because I'm a vinyl DJ, it was a big challenge to find my music on Spotify. However, I was really surprised by what I found and happy with the selection.

How does this playlist resemble your world and your sets?

My days flow in moods, sometimes I need dreamy and slow music in my life. Sometimes I need energy and dance my ass off. Sometimes I want to lose myself a little bit in music, that's why I love psychedelic trance sounds.

If you listen closely to my sets, you'll be able to hear it.

I'm always searching for the unexpected, trying not to fall into boredom.


Astralasia - Astral Navigation

DJ Relax - Prototrek

Chaos In The CBD - Hydrate

Voice Stealer - Evaluation

Young American Primitive- These Waves

Aural Imbalance - Translucent

Opik - Origin

Sound Virus - Matte (#7 mix)

Lilac Road Productions - True Housingfuck

Subterfuge, Circulation - ID Sanctuary - Circulation Mix

Mr. Ho - Angel Number 909 - Acidhouse Mix

Liquid Son - Tonefloat - Original Mix

Revelation - Odyssey

Test Dept - Zen Essence

Caim - Terra

Megalon - Semblance ( Dim B)

Eversines - Fast Fall Biotone - Mellectro

System 7 - Sinbad

Pako & Frederik - Lastuan

Atimpuri - Bleeding Rainbow

Elliptical Headz - Topical Theory

Castle Trancelott, Patrick Prins - Indoctrinate - Extended Mix

Fabula - Luna

Centuras - Eternal Vows

Earth Nation - Way In

Eat Static - Implant

Bigeneric - Atrex

Prism - Refraction

Din - Space Jelly

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